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The Challenges

The Challenges | Pro-Tem Executive Connect - Blog

Let’s look at the success contributors in a little more detail – all needing constant review by the firm’s management and contributions from staff and suppliers. We are also entering a brand-new environment of flexible working says Bill Kirby.

– The profile of the firm is important whether it be the web site, marketing activity, networking and social media. We have to be there if a client or prospect wishes to communicate with us about potential work.

– We need to get out a quote, ask for the order, handle objections and then efficiently on board the client and the matter. Enquiry conversion is a major key to performance. Our conflict, ID and AML checks need to be efficient and effective. Signatures need to be electronic as should the files moving forward.

– There also needs to be a campaign for all paper-based files that should be retained to become electronic – for ease of access, sharing and to save a fortune in physical storage.

– We need to be much more efficient in handling our files with clear workflows and service levels, the right division of labour with the right level of people handling the right activity, integration with forms plus with open consideration of the outsourcing of some tasks such as document production and even legal services to aid timely delivery, handle peaks and troughs.

– We need the right supervisory management available through the right management information on service level achievements, WIP growth, dated billing expectations and achievement, debt management and so on. Gross profit and cash flow are very dependent here.

– Our clients these days as well as efficient on boarding are looking for regular information on the file status and expected next actions – it is also more efficient for the firm to provide it rather than the client perpetually calling through a 5-month conveyancing case.

– The business needs the right management information (reports, KPIs, BI) in order to make the right decisions – trended data on billing, direct costs, gross profit, overheads, perpetual forecasting to aid management decisions re headcount and if necessary, performance recovery or success exploitation.

– Performance and projections by teams as well as overall. Marketing success, debt management, discretionary spend, compliance management and that Pii coming up.

– Staff management is key and different generation requirements need to be understood – clear directions, expectations and targets – short and long term and the management information to stay on top and develop people.

Extracted from article by Bill Kirby, available at: