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Law firm outsourced operations, now and in the future

Law Firm Outsourced ProTem

The fourth in a series of webinars with Law Firm Ambition took place on Thursday, 22 September 2022. It revealed key statistics and was based on a Q&A format, with Bill Kirby as the main speaker.

A panel then took questions from the host and the attendees. Surveys and live polls ensured that the speakers covered the aspects that the attendees deemed most important.

For this session on outsourcing, questions were based on:
operational areas that suit outsourcing
what outsourcing success looks like
the pitfalls to avoid
key contract terms
regulatory issues
third party risk management

The webinar was hosted by Andy Poole, a partner at Armstrong Watson.

The panel was be made up of:

  • Alex Holt, director of business development, The Cashroom
  • Guy Kerkvliet, head of outsourcing, Armstrong Watson
  • Becci Wicks, UK head of legal practices, Lloyds Bank
  • Paul Smith, senior risk management consultant, Travelers

To view a recording of the webinar, please click here.