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Docutech signs up for a digitised future

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With most UK law firms adopting a hybrid working model and increasing focus on permanent job flexibility, it’s never been more important for companies to protect their data and make systems more efficient and compliant.

Docutech Office Solutions, UK leader in secure electronic management systems, says Docuflo software is transforming operational efficiencies across the board.

The cloud-based document management and workflow automation solution digitises and secures GDPR-compliant data in a central accessible location.
It improves efficiency and productivity – and profitability – by providing employees with centralised secure and instant access to documents and processes, whether in the office, working from home on a mobile app.

Using the latest technology documents can be scanned, sent, received and retrieved through a secure portal with end-to-end encryption. This means authorised users only can access the document.

It also integrates with other Microsoft applications and most accounting software for seamless information sharing, allowing documents to be edited and shared and for private information to be withheld.

Confidence is building in these digital-based processes, none more so than e-signature software, which is providing speedy, compliant and confidential document signing across the board.

Jason Dixon, Managing Director of Docutech Office Solutions, said: “As we all navigate our way in a new post pandemic world, there is growing understanding among law firms about how to use digitised processes.

“ This is helping to prevent data from being misused or mislaid, supporting staff efficiency and productivity and driving better business performance.”