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Beat the Microsoft Licence hike

Licence Hike | Pro-Tem Executive Connect - Blog

The monthly spend on Microsoft licences for law firms has just gone up.

Microsoft’s recently announced new license model New Commerce Experience (NCE) brings huge changes to current licences.

These apply to Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and other subscriptions, which play a significant role in day-to-day business operations.

They follow Microsoft Corporation’s global decision, affecting all end-users, to secure  a number of commitments from users, along with less ability to be flexible in scaling the number of Microsoft licences to rent month on month.

With the new model, there are two license terms, annual or monthly and depending on the chosen term firms will not be able to decrease the number of Microsoft users.

“Doing nothing will cost your law firm money, which is what Microsoft hope you will do,” says Stephen Pritchard at Matrix247.  “We have provided a number of ideas to existing clients that enable us to lock-in existing monthly licence fees to ensure law firms are not subjected to increased payments.”

“Alternative methods allow firms to continue to rent Microsoft licences at a lot lower cost than other partners, and much lower than dealing direct. We can lock in current prices for 14 months”.

More information from Victor Lisowski, Head of Microsoft Division at Matrix247 on 0345 3620 247 or