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Tom Lyes

Head of Legal and Property Armalytix

Open Banking | Pro-Tem Executive Connect - Blog

How open banking can free Hope from Pandora’s Box of data

In recent years, a Pandora’s Box of decentralised data has been opened, releasing a tsunami of financial solutions all promising to make life easier for clients. This is creating a range of difficulties for legal firms who are under increasing pressure to gather more client information to confirm they really are who they say they are, writes Tom Lyes.

Money Heist | Pro-Tem Executive Connect - Blog

Money Heist: how a form free future can put a stop to criminal activity

The final season of the Netflix hit thriller, Money Heist saw viewers gripped to see if The Professor and his cadre of criminal masterminds could pull off their final heist of the Bank of Spain. But, says Tom Lyes, while these small screen crimes are entertaining, the story echoes a concerning real-life trend of criminals increasingly using printed paper to hide their crimes.