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Pro-Tem Executive Connect | Find the missing piece for your perfect team



In today’s environment, the need to access proven strategic and practical advice has never been more imperative or more elusive. Whether a large organisation already with senior expertise in areas such as financial management, IT, business development or security regulation, or SMEs without full time resources there are specific areas of expertise vital to survival, the avoidance of risk and strategic development.


Pro-Tem Executive Connect is an enabling service for businesses to quickly identify suppliers who can advise in chosen key areas. These are on a full time, part time, outsourcing or consultancy basis and for those specialists to more easily access the inevitable different skills needed in specialist vertical markets from technical to NED level.

Why now?

Pro-Tem Executive Connect is a product of its time. Demand for proven strategic and practical advice will become even more acute. In a post pandemic world, shifts in work-life balance meet the traditional limitations of size, availability and costs in the key areas of staff and service provision.

Already suppliers have started offering multiple delivery options to meet demand.

Bill Kirby said: “Larger companies can afford full time directors and experts, but even here not every senior can necessarily handle every specialism.

“SMEs have to take a different approach with non executive directors, consultant advice part time staff and outsourcing. Over the last few years there has been a massive growth in demand but not the same in constructive access to such resources with the appropriate skills and availability. ”

This solution facilitates an easy route to find qualified options for their challenges – value for money and with ROI.


By segmenting vertical levels of market need and opportunity, we provide access to a database of supplier resources. This enables searchers to quickly self select and connect into their own relevant areas of specialism. It can be on an individual, consultancy or outsourced basis. This provides immediate clarity to the size, scope and skills of the supplier against featured needs.

Pro-Tem underpins its enabling system by conducting due diligence on all site-listed suppliers to enable contact with confidence. We also offer a value-added option, if required, to assist in finding the best resource.


Based in the UK, products and services will initially concentrate on the legal market to be followed by Professional Services and Finance.


Pro-Tem Executive Direct was co-founded by Sean Dooley and Bill Kirby.

Bill Kirby, Owner and founder of Professional Choice Consultancy. Through the consultancy he has provided advice to law firms on strategy, business management, IT and business development for the past 16 years. Bill also counsels on supplier selection and is a non-executive director for law firms and providers to the sector.

Following a successful career in the commercial market with wide experience in accounting, sales, marketing, general management/directorship in IT and general commerce (UK and International), legal connectivity has been for 26 years. For ten years previous to the consultancy he was director at a UK leading software house for law firms, covering Practice and Case Management Software.

Sean Dooley had a long career in media and marketing. He held senior editorial and marketing roles at the Daily Mail and General Trust group. His roles also included editor-in-chief and director of several of its regional daily newspapers. Sean also held a number of positions on national advisory bodies. He led research studies on pay and conditions in the media for the Guild of Editors. He also established his own media-marketing consultancy in 2005.

More recently he had also been involved in recruitment selection for media firms. His most recent posts included the role of Ombudsman for the National Council for the Training of Journalists and Chairman of its Quality and Standards committee.